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Albums: A to Z

What album is the right choice for me?

We offer two types of archival albums to showcase your photos. They are both awesome because we’ve meticulously hand-chosen the very best in quality and value to offer our clients. However, like most things in life… some are better than others… so lets start with our very best.

Our ridiculously good-looking flushmount album is the bee’s knees with custom lay-flat designs, hand-made details, and fashion-forward looks. We start by designing a custom photo layout to tell the story of your day, never limiting the number of images placed on a page. Then the photo layout is produced with true photographic printing on the finest Fuji professional archival paper which is mounted on thick pages that lay beautifully flat. You don’t lose any of the image in an unsightly fold. Once mounted on hard substrate the spread is sprayed with a protective UV coating insuring your photos will look as good fifty years from now as they do today. Hand-bound in your choice of cover materials including luscious full-grain leathers, distinctive fabrics, trendy acrylic, and a custom photographic wrap. Finally your album is preserved in a matching custom leather box that is guaranteed to look pretty hot displayed in your home.
Our flushmout albums will become family heirlooms passed through generations and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with a life time warranty.

Our coffee table books are a beautiful, economical alternative to our flushmount albums. Each album is press-printed on magazine-style, Mohawk 100% post consumer recycled paper. Because of the nature of the magazine style layout the design of these books is more basic limiting the number of images on each page from one to four. However, because the pages are thinner you can have up to 200 pages in each book. Perfect for those who can’t choose their favorite photos. The book is bound in a linen hardcover available in a variety of colors and wrapped with a custom designed photographic full or partial dust jacket. These environmentally friendly beauties are sure to make an artful statement for any wedding or portrait session.


What is the difference between photographic & press printing?

There is no ink involved in the photographic printing process. It’s single-sided, light sensitive paper that is exposed to light, treated, and then dried; all by the printer. The light sensitive paper is loaded into light sensitive boxes that feed into the printer. Once the paper is inside the printer, the image is exposed to the paper using a LED or laser light source, then the paper is treated chemically so that it is no longer light sensitive. Using light, the image is now a permanent part of this paper. Press-printed albums are printed on paper that is not light sensitive, and images can be printed on both sides using ink. Once the paper is inside the printer, the ink is transferred to the paper using magnetic ink transfer technology. The result is that your image has been printed using extremely tiny dots of ink on top of paper.


What is the different between layflat & magazine style pages?

Layflat pages allow images to go straight across the book’s spine with no cut or fold. This gives more flexibility in the album design because we don’t worry about hiding key parts of the images deep in the fold. These pages are also thick so when the book is open it lays flat on the table. Magazine style pages are bound individually creating a deep fold in the center of the book. Because of this, the book must be designed with one to four images on each side. They are thin allowing for many more pages.



Still not sure? Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two albums we offer:


Now that you’ve decided on what kind of album you want… What happens next?

Albums rock! In this digital age it’s a damn shame that most of our photos never make it off the computer screen. They look soo much better in print!!! So we decided to make the album design process as easy and painless as possible for you. We know you are busy and you probably aren’t Photoshop gurus which is why we offer custom album design for every client for FREE! We’ll start by hand-picking our favorite photos and use them to build a flushmount album “rough draft”. Let us know in advance if you prefer the coffee table album style because the design process is a little different. Once the design is ready we’ll upload it to a password protected gallery where you can reminisce about your day and then make any changes you see fit. That’s right… you make the final call on what images stay or go. We’ll tweak the album to your specifications with up to three separate editing sessions. What’s better is this can all be done online from the comfort of your home. We’ve created handy computerized forms for each step of the process which you fill out and email back to us. Once we’ve created the album design of your dreams we can put it into any cover styles available. Tell us what you want and we’ll make a cover mock-up for you to approve just to be sure it’s prefect. Now that your album is ready to be ordered we’ll total up your bill, subtract any album credits you have, and if there is a balance due we’ll send you an invoice for half of the overage which you can pay online with a credit card or mail us a check. Once you pony up the cash we’ll place the order with our album manufacturer. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of the album. When it arrives we’ll inspect it to make sure everything is peachy then send you an invoice for the last half of your album overage. From there we’ll pack it up pretty, seal it with a kiss, and send it on it’s merry way to you.