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Our Philosophy

We believe weddings are all about the people. We go to a lot of weddings and they are just RAD! There’s just something magical about a wedding and it’s ability to bring people together who fill a room with palpable love. The feeling is amazing, intoxicating and fleeting. So this is why we believe your day deserves to be captured completely and artfully by awesome photographers [meaning US!]. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less because your memories are just way to important.

You guys are absolutely amazing!!! Not only did you guys take beautiful professional photographs, you guys captured special moments in such a creative way. Pretty much you guys are total bad-asses, fun to work with and super talented! Thanks for helping make our wedding awesome!

So how much is this going to cost me?

Weddings begin at $3500. Inclusive collections including a wedding album begin at $4500

Wedding FAQs
How do we book you? What’s the whole process like?

First we need to meet you. For the super busy folks, or those not located in San Diego we love Facetime, Skype, or Facebook video calls. If you have a decently fast internet connection and a webcam that isn’t from the late 90s this method works well. If you’re in San Diego you can always meet us in person at our international world headquarters. As a last resort we can also chat on the phone, but this is our least preferred method of insuring we are all a good fit. When you’re ready to book us we create a package for you that fits you best. Then we send you over an online booking link that contains a contract and an option to pay the retainer ($1000 to hold the date) either by check or credit card. The balance is due 30 days before the event. You can upgrade your package or add additional services at any time.

Will you travel? Do you charge for travel?

Yes we definitely will travel & do so often! Our passports are current and we love to shoot in new environments. We generally work most travel fees into our packages for out of state (or out of country) weddings. It works better for us if we are able to book our own flights and rental cars. We do prefer our clients to book us a room at the hotel where their guests are staying if possible (especially if the event is taking place there). We always keep our travel expenses to a minimum so having us at your destination affair won’t break the bank.

We can't thank you guys enough! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect setof photographs to remember our special day! You two are the best! Love you guys! -Lisa & Sam
How much do you cost? How many hours of photography do I need? Will it help if I tell you that I’m on a budget or I have a small wedding?

Wedding photography coverage starts at $3500. We specialize in full-event coverage meaning we start shooting towards the end of the hair & makeup process and stay through some of the open dancing. The amount of hours you’ll need to hire us for will depend on your wedding day schedule. During our consultation we’ll help you figure all that out & create some custom packages for you. About your budget, we understand that every single person has a budget of some sort for photography, some larger than others. If you’re here on this website and taking the time to read this, photography is important to you. It’s one of the only tangible things you’ll have from your wedding day to look back on, and you only get one opportunity to do it right. We take what we do very seriously (despite our constant love of sarcasm and jokes), and it’s not cheap or easy to be a full time photographer. That all being said – while we can’t promise to be able to work with all budgets, if you love us and want to have us as your photographer we will do whatever we can to help make it happen for you. We have special rates for elopements and smaller weddings, but all weddings are equally special and important.

Who will be shooting our wedding? Will you have assistants?

We shoot all of our weddings together – and have been doing it like this since 2008. We have never missed a wedding. Josh shoots the girls getting ready, Melissa handles the guys. Josh does portraits, Melissa does details, and we take turns or are both present for everything else. On most weddings we have one assistant who helps with our gear and lighting. And on rare occasion a third photographer for extremely large events or special circumstances. The only time this will impact you is if we have additional team members staying through the reception, in which case you’ll need to feed them, lest they starve and begin devouring your guests.

We’re from the planet Ork, will you be okay photographing a wedding from a strange culture?

We’ve photographed weddings from plenty of religious denominations and geographic locations in all shapes & colors. We like everyone. We are also Same-Sex Wedding friendly. We truly dream of a day when it’s not necessary to make that statement, when it’s just a given that all involved in the wedding industry support everyone’s right to marry. Unfortunately things aren’t quite there yet – which is why we chose to make this statement very clear. Love will always win with us.

Are you insured?

Yep. We can totally burn down your venue with impunity. Well not total impunity, but we are insured.

Will you hang out with us?

Totally. We like to go on hikes, bike rides, eat at Mexican food restaurants, get coffee at Starbucks, and see action movies. Let’s double date.

Isn’t being friends with your clients weird?

For us the more invested we are with our people, the better the photos. Not only that – but we’re friendly and we like to make new friends. We’re not your vendors, we’re your Mitchells.