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Our Life | The Good, the Bad, and the Quirky!

San Diego Birth Photography | Kate

When I announced that I was planning on photographing the birth of Cassandra and Pete‘s daughter a lot of ourCONTINUE READING »

The Mt. Soledad Cross

When I originally was living in San Diego I had no inkling that photography was in my future. Returning I’mCONTINUE READING »

Habit Burger Mission Valley San Diego

The Habit Burger Grill in San Diego’s Mission Valley area became the target of our burger craving today. I hadCONTINUE READING »

The Village Sleeps at Night | La Mesa Village Night Photography

Two nights ago I was sitting at my computer. It was a little after 10pm. It had been raining all day and I knew thatCONTINUE READING »

La Mesa Village Life

When I moved away from San Diego a million years ago (sadly it actually was a million years ago), I never thoughtCONTINUE READING »

2011 | Ending On A Different Note

I will fully admit I’m not as organized as some of my other colleagues who have put together year end reviews ofCONTINUE READING »

Acoustic Alliance | by Listen Local SD at Brick by Brick

A few days ago I got invited to attend the Acoustic Alliance show at Brick by Brick by Pete Thurston, my friend andCONTINUE READING »

Space Room Lounge | Saying Goodbye to Friends

We’re officially in San Diego, but not in our new house or unpacked for a few more days. I’ve gotCONTINUE READING »

FTG | Friends Thanksgiving

If you’re like me you’ve probably already read a hundred or so givings of thanks on your Facebook or otherCONTINUE READING »

Portland to California | Continuum Photography will be based in San Diego!

You may have noticed we’ve had a lot of trips back to San Diego in recent days. It seems like fate is drawing usCONTINUE READING »

Rockstar Wedding Photographer Going Away Party

Top rated world renown rockstar photographer Joni Schrantz had a going away get together, and I decided to bring myCONTINUE READING »

Silhouette photo of bride & groom in front of Apple Store lighted sign in Chicago at engagement session.

Apple Love

By now you probably know that Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple computers has died at the age of 56. I had recentlyCONTINUE READING »

La Jolla Shores Photography & San Diego Photos

We had our pal Marc Rotse from Moving Picture Weddings in San Diego with us for an awesome photo/video teamup on aCONTINUE READING »

Women For Success | 2nd Annual Volunteer Event

Women For Success held their Second Annual Volunteer Event at Dress For Success Portland a few days ago. First off ICONTINUE READING »

Trillium Lake

The first time we attempted to visit Trillium Lake, it was apparently too early, and the road was closed.  The secondCONTINUE READING »

OHSU View | Taking the OHSU Aerial Tram

Melissa and I decided to take a ride on OHSU’s aerial tram to get some photos of the view from the top of MarquamCONTINUE READING »

Portland Photographer Family Barbeque Event | Peninsula Park

Photographers + barbeque = photograque? Generally I’m opposed to any made up words, unless of course I’veCONTINUE READING »

San Diego Comic-Con International 2011

The San Diego Comic-Con always draws a huge crowd from not just San Diego, but all over the country.  They sayCONTINUE READING »

100 Nights Project | Night 5

This is another great location in NW Portland that I scouted for a recent senior session, that I decided would lookCONTINUE READING »

100 Nights Project | Night 4

Awhile back on a scout for locations for senior shoots, I discovered that the industrial area in NE Portland that weCONTINUE READING »

Fourth of July Along the Willamette River

Fourth of July on the Portland, Oregon waterfront. Hope everyone had a nice fourth! Melissa and I didn’t reallyCONTINUE READING »

100 Nights Project | Night 3

Twilight  rural, and rural industrial night exposures in Dundee, Oregon. On this particular night, the shoot probablyCONTINUE READING »

Women For Success | First Anniversary Party

Women For Success celebrated their first anniversary a few nights ago at Portland’s Living Room Theaters Lounge.CONTINUE READING »

100 Nights Project | Night 2

On this particular night my friends Mark, Ashley, and myself headed to a location in NE Portland’s industrialCONTINUE READING »

100 Nights Project | Night 1

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have always really loved taking long exposures at night.  I describe it toCONTINUE READING »

Portland Willamette River Walk | Beginnings of Summer

Rumor has it we are actually going to have a summer in Portland. Not sure if Spring ever happened, but we are finallyCONTINUE READING »

Cowboys & Indians Themed Birthday Party | Rosemary Stafford

What can I say about Rosemary Stafford’s cowboys and indians themed birthday party? Aside from the fact that ICONTINUE READING »

Women For Success | Make Me Gorgeous Beauty Bar

Melissa and I joined our friends at Women For Success last Friday at the Oregon Convention Center to cover their soldCONTINUE READING »

California Boudoir Sessions

Melissa and I took a quick trip down to California last weekend for some boudoir sessions.  Why drive instead of fly? CONTINUE READING »

Women For Success 2011 Kick-Off Event

Melissa and I were happy to attend the Women For Success 2011 Kick off Event & Cocktail Mingler last Thursday. ItCONTINUE READING »

Seattle | A Continuum Visit

Continuum Photography took a quick trip up to Seattle for client consultations and a family visit. Ben, Melissa’sCONTINUE READING »

From Portland to California | Continuum’s Winter Break

You’re probably wondering what Continuum Photography has been up to… During the month of December all threeCONTINUE READING »