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Top 3 Reasons

why engagement sessions are cool

1. They give you an opportunity to get some practice in front of the camera which will calm your nerves on the wedding day.
2. You get to hang out with us! Might sound silly but the more at ease you are with us the better results we’ll get on the BIG day. Plus we mean it when we say we want to be friends with our couples… let’s spend some QT together.
3. You get some rad photos that showcase your everyday, more casual kind of love.

I simply love Josh and Melissa and all they represent with Continuum Photography. They did an absolutely out-of-this-world job photographing my wedding in Chicago and if there were a wedding A-team assembled, they would be the captains.

How much are engagement sessions?

San Diego sessions begin at $100 if included in a wedding day photography package. A la carte sessions begin at $500

Engagement FAQs
So if we have an engagement session, what will we do with the photos?

Prints prints prints! Photos trapped in computer prisons are sad photos. Having really awesome photos of yourselves makes for great decorations around the house. Those images can also be used in announcements, invitations, wedding websites, and guest signing books. You could also be a super couple and get t-shirts with photos of yourselves being romantic on them. Just kidding. Unless you want to buy them from us and then we can work something out.


I know I know, these are serious questions. Fret not, we have a super secret guide we’ve developed to help you totally dominate your engagement session. We can help you figure out your outfits and choose a location in the San Diego metro area.

Josh and Melissa did such a fantastic job at our wedding. They really understood our style and personalities, and really showcased that in the photos. Theycaptured moments that I didn't think you could capture.-Andre
We just got engaged and want to do engagement photos but we haven’t set a date. What do we do?

When Melissa and I got engaged I didn’t want to even think about planning the wedding for at least a year. We totally get it. Although we do have substantial price breaks for engagement sessions if you also book us to shoot your wedding, you can still book us to do the wedding later and we just apply those discounts retroactively.

How far in advance should we schedule our session from our wedding date?

That entirely depends on what you intend to do with the photos! We’ve had engagement sessions for couples over 12 months out, and we’ve had engagement sessions for couples whose wedding is going to be in a couple of days. If your intent is to use your images for your save the date we suggest booking your session 7 months in advance of your date. If you intend to use an image in a formal invitation we recommend booking it 3.5 months out. And if you’re just looking to have a guest book made or have images printed for decoration on the day of – we suggest scheduling your session no fewer than 2 months before your date. Oh and it can’t be on a weekend…

OMG why can’t we have our session on a weekend? We work Monday through Friday!

We know! We used to have that schedule too. The only thing is that weddings are on the weekends too, and those take priority for us. Most of our sessions take place a couple of hours before sunset, so depending on the time of year it might not be as big of a deal to take a half day or leave a little early. If this is an absolute impossibility we’ll open up a weekend day for you that we’re not booked on. One advantage to not shooting on the weekends is there are generally fewer people in the public areas we like to shoot which makes for a better experience!

Do you have consultations for engagement sessions?

Phone chats and Facetime/Skype are our jam for engagement session planning.