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Coronado Engagement Session | Ashlie & Wes

When Ashlie and Wes decided on Coronado I knew I had to take them to the seedy underbelly of Coronado. The Coronado that no one tells you about. Actually it’s not really that seedy. Even the worst alleyway in Coronado is still pretty nice, but I like to find things that people may not acknowledge […]


A Solana Beach Engagement Session | Nina & Ben

I guess good things tend to come in pairs, because we had two back to back Solana Beach engagement sessions with two awesome couples. There is always a bit of a challenge when you shoot in the same location more than once to try and bring a different look out of the shoot for each […]


Solana Beach Engagement Session | Diana & Jeffery

One thing I always try to express to the people I photograph is that while I’m by no means against smiling, I’m very anti-fake smiling. Quick into this session with Diana and Jeffery I realized that would not be an issue. These guys are just genuinely happy, and they like being around each other. The […]


Pacific Beach Proposal | Whitney & Dave

San Diego is a popular vacation for a lot of people who are looking for a break from cold and dreary weather. And boy are we familiar with the climate Whitney and Dave are coming from. It always seems ironic that when we get visitors from the Pacific Northwest they manage to hit San Diego […]